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Time for a new mobile phone?  This is something to keep in mind

Time for a new mobile phone? This is something to keep in mind

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Evolution is fast forward for mobile phones. What used to be just a “mobile phone”, and not much more, is now most of the tech gadgets you need bundled into one powerful device. But with development, options and alternatives also increase, it can be difficult to know what to prioritize. Here are some tips along the way.

Long lasting battery

Today’s mobile phones need a lot of power to handle all the advanced applications and features on offer. A few years ago, problems with drained batteries were very common, and a fully charged phone was rarely enough for the whole day if it was used extensively. The fault wasn’t just with battery power, often apps and services at the time were consuming more battery power than needed.

But now, the evolution has largely taken place. Modern phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, are built with the intention to last you all day. Plus, you get access to wireless battery sharing where you can share your power with another Qi-compatible device — your friend’s mobile phone or wireless headphones, for example. And when you’re already running low on battery (and friends who share the battery), you can activate Power Mode to extend battery life. Then the phone prevents background apps from using your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and power-intensive features.

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