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Think before you get a tattoo!

Think before you get a tattoo!

You constantly see people with tattoos. Then I ask myself the following question: Could this entail health risks because tattoo inks are a proven toxin that spreads from the skin and is stored in other parts of the body. New research from Lund University shows a link between tattoos and lymphoma (the general name for a group of malignant tumor diseases that arise from part of the immune system).

Tattoos, regardless of size, mean an increased risk of lymphoma. In the past, tattooing was done by sailors and squatters, but now it has become a trend that carries health risks. In Sweden, every fifth person gets a tattoo. Professional footballer Frederik Ljungberg suffered lead poisoning resulting from his tattoo, subsequently having to have his lymph node removed. There are many people who have regretted their tattoos and now want to remove them with a laser. In everyday conversations, there is a lot of talk about the fact that cancer rates are increasing, and new research has an answer. Politicians say that queues for care must be reduced, as there is too much talk and too little work.

Tattoos mean an increased risk of lymphoma

Photo: Sven Olof Algren

Those who do not accept what the research finds should think twice before deciding on a tattoo. We only have one life to fear.

Health first

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