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They can take over if Johnson leaves

They can take over if Johnson leaves

A rising minority political star and populist Thatcher are seen as the two main candidates for UK prime minister if Boris Johnson resigns.

– At the moment, it is a bit difficult to see another person in the photo. But you never know, of course, there’s always a lot of drama when conservatives pick party leaders, Nicholas Ilott, associate professor of political science at Söderthorn University, tells TT.

rising star

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, 41, is seen as the frontrunner between the two. Sunak leads Secretary of State Liz Truss in the latest Sky/YouGov poll, and is expected to give the Conservatives a better election result than both Truss and Johnson, according to an Observer/Opinium poll, The guard writes.

Both Sunak and Truss are two politicians who recently entered the top circle. Sunak, who succeeded Sajid Javid as Finance Minister, has since taken over this position which has received a major boost in his political career.

– He proved to be very skilled and took great responsibility during the pandemic. He has proven to have an extraordinarily good oratorical ability and can explain why government initiatives are needed. Elliot says he’s clearly a star in some way.

Famous Thatcher

Against Sunak is probably speaking his Asian family background.

– A question about the country and perhaps most of the party is ready for a leader from an ethnic minority. It’s possible, but it’s an element of uncertainty, Elliott says.

Liz Truss, 46, said she was “100 percent behind the prime minister” in the party gate crisis. She doesn’t mind being compared to Margaret Thatcher, she is popular and has been at the top of the party circle longer than Rishi Sunak.

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Both are ambitious politicians. Sunak has a more intellectual look as Truss returns home to the grassroots, says Nicholas Ilott.

Secretary of State Liz Truss. Photo gallery. Photo: Phil Noble/AP/TT