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The UK will be applying for the first time for Modernna Inc.’s vaccines.

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, a bottle was placed on top of a box of Govit-19 vaccine manufactured by Moderna Inc. in cold storage at the Govit-19 Vaccine Center inside the National Velotrome in France, in the Saint-Quentin-en-Yevlines district of Paris, France. It aims to provide more than 20 million immunizations by mid-June and mid-June – less than half of the total population.


Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Moderna’s vaccine will be given first in West Wales. This edition is the third approved vaccine to be offered in the UK, as well as that of AstraZeneca and its partners Pfizer Inc. and Bioentech SE. Its release will be about two weeks earlier than expected.

The UK has ordered 17 million of Moderna’s two-dose vaccine, which is enough to vaccinate 8.5 million people.

The success of the vaccination program is crucial to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ambition to fully reopen the UK economy on June 21. On Tuesday, Minister Astra sought to reassure the public about the vaccine.

A study by Astra and the University of Oxford later revealed that vaccines given to children have been discontinued because the UK drug regulator is investigating rare cases of leukemia in adults. During the children’s investigation, no safety concerns arose, Oxford said.

“The UK government has received vaccines on behalf of the entire nation and the vaccination program shows that our country is working well together,” Hancock said in an email statement. “Wherever you live, when you get a call, get vaccinated,” he said.

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