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The UK can issue isolated rules for EU tourists

The UK can issue isolated rules for EU tourists

While British citizens are able to travel relatively freely to most EU countries, the UK is more or less closed to other Europeans.

Countries – Sweden for example – are marked in yellow British “traffic light system” A two-dose vaccine is not enough. With mandatory PCR tests between two and eight days, even those who have been fully vaccinated are forced to sit in isolation for ten days after arriving in the UK (which has rules owned by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Vaccines made only Accepted as a letter of liberation from loneliness within the British system.

But now the government is accepting EU-certified passports and American counterparts. However, the entire vaccine that enters the country must be tested before the trip and after two days in the country.

The new rules will take effect at 5pm Swedish time from Monday, Transport Minister Grant Shops announced on Twitter.

The reason for the change is thought to be Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s concern about the economic downturn when tourists choose to travel to Paris or Rome instead of London.

The United Kingdom loses SEK 7.6 billion a day to tourism revenue estimated by the World Tourism and Tourism Council. Tourism is the fifth largest export sector in the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes the strict isolation rules are too expensive.

Photo: Yui Mock / AFP

According to the Times Boris Johnson told other ministers UK “wastes its vaccine bonus” – Note that the country has the highest proportion of fully vaccinated citizens in the world.

After a sharp increase in infection, the number of new positive coronet tests per day has now dropped to seven consecutive days, which is 30 percent lower than last week. Although experts warn the British to breathe, it is still a factor that helps to allow more tourists.

At the same time, the isolation rules also affect Britons living abroad and vaccinated in other countries. For them, too, the rules are expected to be relaxed so that vaccines approved in the UK avoid automatic isolation even if they have been injected in another country.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak Government sources say it has been a driving force in the issue Until the Financial Times.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have partnered with Heathrow Airport to launch a serious campaign to reduce restrictions. Among other things, they are conducting their own testing, which is said to prove how easy it is for companies to verify foreign vaccination certificates.

The government’s decision on relaxed isolation rules will apply to the UK, but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to introduce similar rules soon.

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