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The New Solar Extreme: “Backlash”

The New Solar Extreme: “Backlash”

High SPF – to protect the skin from disease and premature aging – has become trendy in recent years. Now the pendulum has swung away from a reasonable tan. Young people are skipping sunscreen and chasing high UV index and tanning makeup trends on Tiktok and according to several International Media Make Solarium Return.

– It's partly a backlash against all sunscreens that are supposed to protect, fashion historian Emma Severinson tells SVT Kulturnyheterna and continues:

– But according to many international fashion journalists, it is also about the desire to appear more natural and thus turning against the skin care trend.

Cyclical trends

The ideal body and beauty of the past is also making a comeback with nostalgic trends. Recently, the Y2K fad, which was prevalent in the early 2000s, is hot again – bringing with it everything from the perfect size zero to a noticeable tan.

“This cyclical fashion is very clear. It’s not just about the clothes, it’s also about the perfect body,” says Emma Severinson.

sunny girl next door

But not everyone has forgotten about skin cancer and wrinkles. According to Emma Severinson, there is still a conscious trend going on in parallel around the importance of using SPF, while striving for a natural, sun-kissed look.

It's a Tiktok makeup trends background. “sunburn makeup”, “Black Girl Tanning” And “The blind man was ashamed” – Often inspired by artist Sabrina Carpenter's rosy cheeks.

– The biggest goal is still to get a natural tan, although there are extreme versions on Tiktok, most people want to get a sunny blush. It lies in the emerging ideals: the soft girl and the clean girl, Emma Severinson tells SVT and adds:

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– A little girl next door feels everything.