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The lockdown is inexorably approaching in the USA – Sydsvenskan

The lockdown is inexorably approaching in the USA – Sydsvenskan

Therefore, there is a very high risk that the lockdown – at least partially – will come into effect when the new budget year begins, i.e. on Sunday 1 October.

A number of staunchly right-wing Republicans in the House refuse to support McCarthy’s bill — even though the proposal includes budget cuts of nearly 30 percent. Democrats voted against the package, as did 21 right-wing Republicans. Friday’s vote ended with 198 votes to 232 votes.

For its part, the White House announced in a statement that President Joe Biden will veto the proposal.

For Kevin McCarthy himself, the situation has become critical and the question is how long he can retain the position of Speaker of Parliament when he cannot control his party colleagues in a situation where the nation is approaching a crisis. However, he blamed Democrats for not passing the proposal.

“I have more ideas,” McCarthy also said when the vote – which was unsuccessful for him – was over.

During shutdowns, employees at some federal agencies and U.S.-funded operations are furloughed. But parts of the state apparatus considered crucial — such as the judiciary, defense and surveillance of American airspace — continue to operate, in extreme cases without employees receiving a salary.

There have been a total of 14 federal shutdowns in the United States since 1981. The longest lasted 35 days, in 2018-19.

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