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The largest snake in the world has died

The largest snake in the world has died

Freak Funk dives with an anaconda weeks before it was found dead.

Photo: FreakFunk/Instagram

Northern green anaconda.

Photograph: Brian Fry/University of Queensland

The anaconda's head was as large as a human's head.

Photo: FreakFunk/Instagram

Freak Funk.

Photo: ANP / Alamy Stock

A month ago, an international research team made a huge discovery in the Amazon. A huge snake was found in the rainforest. He writes that it will become the largest in the world Daily Mail.

The monstrous snake was more than seven meters long, weighed 200 kilograms, and had a human-sized head. This reptile was one of the few known specimens of the rare northern green anaconda species. The researchers named the snake “Anna Julia.”

Dutch professor and TV personality Freek Funk, 40, was one of those who encountered the anaconda in the rainforest.

In an Instagram post, Funk can be seen diving next to the giant animal. He described the snake as “mythical and legendary” and “one of the highlights of my scientific career.”

Now Anna Julia has been found dead.

On Sunday, the anaconda's carcass floated lifeless in the Formoso River in southern Brazil. Freak Funk announced on Instagram that he had heard “from several sources” that Ana Julia was shot and killed by unknown hunters. Now he and other researchers are terrified and cursed.

“I'm so sad and angry at the same time! How sick do you have to be to do this to such a beautiful and unique animal!? This is so sad,” the Dutchman wrote on Instagram.

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Skansen-Jonas reacts

Jonas Wallström, director of Skansenakvariet, deals with reptiles on a daily basis. He points out that the largest snake in Skansen is an anaconda that is four meters long, which is very large for a snake.

So snakes the size of Anna Giulia are something very special. Perhaps this is exactly why they are hunted, says Skansen's director.

– They are looking for fun there. There's no tradition of eating snakes in South America, so maybe it's just a matter of, “What a big snake, we're shooting it.”

Jonas Wallström, like Frick Funk, believes that hunting anacondas makes no sense at all.

– it's a shame. It is not at all necessary to shoot them for fun.

I am now writing a large-scale police investigation in Brazil UK Metro. It is the country's military police that will get to the bottom of what took Ana Julia's life. They have not yet been able to determine how she died.

Jonas Wallström.

Photo: Ollie Sporong

Jonas Wahlstrom with a poisonous snake.

Photo: Roger Vikstrom

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