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The health center received 2,500 new patients

The health center received 2,500 new patients

– It was very difficult to reach us by phone, unfortunately, says Johann Raab, Operations Director of the Capio Hallsberg Care Center, Radio Sweden P4 Orebro.

At the beginning of July, Läkartidningen reports that Örebro County announced in a press release that the Pålsboda care center, which it has been running privately for 31 years, has declared bankruptcy. With the cessation of operations, the 2,500 patients in the Care Center were automatically transferred to the Capio Care Center in Hallsberg.

It has been a very difficult summer, despite more nurses being hired and more temporary doctors brought in, Operations Director Johan Raab confirmed to the radio.

– It’s really not enough, unfortunately, he says.

A crucial reason is a problem with the different recording systems, which has resulted in all patient records from Pålsboda being required to be on paper.

– We do our best to triage, but we have many patients with multiple, severe illnesses, and medical records can sometimes be 100 pages long, so it’s a huge undertaking to read all the medical records and try to get a good idea of ​​the patients’ health status, he says. Radio Johan Raab.

After a difficult summer, when the doctors at the Kapiu Health Center Hallsberg “gave a horse”, Johann Raab expects the fall to be even better.

Bolsboda Health Center was the smallest health center in Örebro County, and became the first privately run health center in Sweden when it went under private management in 1992, according to Southern News.

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