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The extended lockdown awaits the capital of India


Healthcare Professionals take part in the Bombay Citizen Test.

Photo: Rajanish Kakade / AP / TT

Healthcare Professionals take part in the Bombay Citizen Test.


The number of people infected with the Coronavirus continues to increase at a rapid pace in India at the same time that hospital places are starting to run out. The restrictions are now being extended in the nation’s capital.

The Indian capital, New Delhi, is closed for two days over the weekend. The state has announced that it will now be extended for a week.

If we do not face a lockdown now, we will be faced with a major disaster. From tonight, there will be a lockdown until next Monday, says Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi State’s top minister in charge.

The capital has been hit hard by the progress of the virus, with demands for hospitals and medicines to be out of stock.

We will use this week to improve our healthcare, says Kejriwal, and adds that care has “reached the limit.”

On Monday, 273,810 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded in India, a dismal record. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have come under fire for their handling of the second wave of HIV infection, with thousands of people visiting religious festivals and celebrations. Political rallies have also been organized – and more rallies await.

Due to the widespread spread of infection, Hong Kong announced that it will suspend flights from India as well as Pakistan and the Philippines from April 20 and two weeks onwards due to imported cases.

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