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The European Union threatens to stop exporting the vaccine to the United Kingdom

The European Union threatens to stop exporting the vaccine to the United Kingdom

When you hear the words “innovative” and “transformative”, individuals like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs may be the first to think of them. However, in recent years, studies have shown that the greatest potential for this can be found in the so-called “power of the many” or collective intelligence.

Collective intelligence means the ability to use the power of a group to be able to solve problems or achieve goals that a single individual cannot achieve alone. This concept is not new. But in the age of intelligence, where individuals’ knowledge and experiences are enhanced through computer insights, teamwork – in groups and with machines – becomes one of the most powerful tools to drive innovation and growth. Data analytics company Qlik explores how your company can help your users use the power of “the power of the crowd”.

Collective intelligence drives informed decisions

No matter how big or small a business problem is, we need data and analyzes to be able to understand the challenge, calculate risks, find solutions, conduct discussions and obtain input from various stakeholders. All this before we can finally make an informed decision. Making decisions as a group, creating consensus, extracting ideas from various sources and motivating people through ownership to drive decisions are all components of collective intelligence.

These needs played a major role in developing the new collaborative feedback feature that will soon be completed by Qlik. The functionality was created to enable multi-user collaboration across many different dashboards with different datasets. The goal is to be able to fill current gaps in business intelligence and analytics solutions that typically lead to fragmented bits of knowledge between different people, in different roles in an organization.

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Better decisions are created by more ‘aha experiences’

In recent years, we have been able to see an increase in the use of machine learning and AI-powered insights. This helped users find skewed values, categorize data, identify trends and understand relationships. But these hidden patterns can only be transformed into insight when it unleashes the user’s “aha experience”. Thus the human factor is vital when information is transformed into insight. However, it remains difficult for organizations to capture and collect these ‘aha experiences’. Therefore, cooperation and collective intelligence are two of the most important accelerators in active intelligence. People working with knowledge should be encouraged to share and explain their views so that their knowledge and opinions can inform them and lead to right decision-making and right action.

Use real potential in intelligence

Qalick believes that we need to move away from the idea that intelligence is equivalent to the ability of one individual. Collective intelligence shows us that true power arises when we bring together different types of knowledge, experiences, insights, and groups of people. There, the company hopes the new collaborative feedback feature will help unlock this powerhouse across all types of organizations.

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