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The Danes completely crushed the British SVT Sport

The Danes completely crushed the British SVT Sport

Great Britain played well against Germany on Saturday, losing only 1-3. But it seems that all the energy of the British team was used up in the premiere. Against Denmark, it was hard to see that the team had anything to gain in A-WC.

– No, they put in a strong fighting effort against Germany but she wears something bulky to play like this and obviously the fuel tank is empty and when you don’t have the technology and individual skill that you can count on in this situation. The tournament gets very tough, says SVT’s Jonas Anderson about whether Great Britain belongs to the World Cup at Level One.

Early management

Denmark won 9-0, its biggest World Cup victory so far. There is no real measure of the strength of the Danish team but what a great importance it is.

– Victory we had to do. Oliver Laursen said: “We had some issues with discipline and play with strength in the past games so it was great today that it worked out.

Goal production began after eight minutes of play for the Danes when they met Great Britain. The British had enough difficulty keeping up and then having two players in the penalty area didn’t make it any easier. Jessper Jensen, Malmo player, placed 1-0 in the 5-on-3 match.

Just a minute later he came 2-0 through Matthias Bao, who is still playing in numerical superiority …

The British have a lot of training when it comes to playing defensively. It seemed bewildering to say the least on several occasions. When Ben O’Connor lost the disc behind his chest, it was time to score the Danes’ next goal. Nick Olesen stole the puck and returned to Morten Poulsen, who had an eternity in the shootout when he scored 3-0 …

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Philipp Brugger scored 4-0 with a heavy shot from the blue. Backen Bruggisser is the daily captain of the German Krefeld. After this goal, the British got enough and changed the goalkeeper. Ben Bones out and Jackson whistle.

Lars Ellier, who clinched the Stanley Cup Final in favor of his Washington Capitals team last year, put in five players while Jukrit’s Nicklas Jensen put up 6-0 against a really pale Britain.

The Danes play hockey

Real overtaking midway through when the Danes played hockey.

Then parts of the British audience erupted into the song – “Always Look On The Bright Side” …

But despite this attempt to make things a little more entertaining in the hall, the Danish Target continued to be produced.

Further neglect by British Hill, Ben O’Connor gave the Danes the opportunity again and it was Niklas Jensen 7-0, who set his second goal in a row. Morten Poulsen also managed to become a two-goal shooter before the middle period expired.

At the end of the period, the Danes lost some focus and the first goal was delayed to 51.53 when Morten Poulsen became a scorer with three goals with a score of 9-0 – the final result.

It feels really cool, three points that matter, says Paulson.