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The city where drones are delivered daily - 4,500 deliveries per week

The city where drones are delivered daily – 4,500 deliveries per week

Not long after Amazon’s drone program was reported defeated in the UK, Google’s sister company Wing released direct opposite news. Wing has been running its drone program for nearly two years in Logan, Australia and will now go through 100,000 drone deliveries, within the next few days.

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These are real deliveries for city dwellers In addition, Wing has also made hundreds of thousands of test flights.

Logan is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and this year we have invested in being able to expand and serve 19 suburbs with a total population of over 110,000 people. Logan residents have responded, ordering thousands of drone deliveries every week, and the city has made a strong claim to being the drone delivery capital of the world, Wing wrote in a blog.

During Wing’s business hours, Logan residents will receive an order every 30 seconds, via a drone, and during the first week of August, nearly 4,500 orders were delivered.

Wing is undergoing further tests all over the world and is now on the verge of passing 100,000 customers. However, the company distinguishes its Logan operations.

Wing says that what distinguishes Logan’s operations from the various tests and trials taking place around the world, in addition to its order volume, is that it is a live, automated and on-demand service, and further explains:

When an order arrives, the Wing system sends the best aircraft to perform delivery from one of the Wing stations. Our systems then use environmental data – Wing runs 15 million simulations each day to analyze changes in weather and terrain, stress-test our delivery systems and continually improve our routes – to create a customized, optimal route for the aircraft to trace back to the customer’s location – Choosing a delivery, either at home or in some cases in their offices.

Among other things, Wing sent more than 10,000 cups of coffee and 1,200 roast chickens to the residents of Logan.

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The company clearly has wind in its sails and promises exciting news in the coming months regarding new cities, new partners, and new technology.


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