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The chatbot is on the ballot in the UK

The chatbot is on the ballot in the UK


AI Steve is a film produced by his campaign team. Photo: Screenshot/SmarterUK.

Politicians are sometimes criticized for being robotic – and this candidate has no problem with that.

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When residents of Brighton, Britain, go to the polls this summer, they could name an unusual name: AI Steve. The name belongs to the betting chatbot Reuters Calling it “the world's first AI politician”.1

AI Steve has his name behind it Steve Endacott, who runs a company focused on artificial intelligence. He is going to the polls for the frequent use of technology in politics, and a chatbot has been created to emphasize that. Endacott promises that AI Steve will, among other things, answer voters' questions and come up with its own policy proposals 24 hours a day. AI should have a reference group to evaluate Steve's policy proposals.

No AI in the room

A Who's Who of the Voters in Brighton Reuters Spoke with, opinions differed. Some believed that AI would be a good tool in legislative environments, while others believed that the technology could not be trusted yet. More skeptics can take solace in the fact that it won't be a self-governing AI taking a seat in the room. Brighton's Electoral Commission has announced that Steve Endacott himself, and not his virtual alter ego, will have a seat if he enters Parliament.

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