Senior physicians Marie Ramlund and Stefan Thorne were named the best supervisors in Kristianstad/Hasselholm.

The justifications of Marie Ramlund and Stefan Thorne are as follows:

With her wonderful listening ear, the ST doctors make us feel encouraged by positive feedback and challenged by constructive criticism, something she makes time for in her daily work. Mary contributes to teaching in theory and practice when needed, but is also a role model in being true to her limitations but always with a willingness to learn. With her positivity and curiosity, she is infectious and stimulates the growth of the entire clinic. For in her daily work, with humility, wisdom, and enthusiasm, she always takes time to help her younger colleagues. In addition, it has taken its management of studies to unimaginable heights and has an organizing ability that is the salvation of all unregulated ST doctors.

» Stefan is knowledgeable, efficient and always there to guide and help us. He is meticulous and always focused on solving problems, qualities that inspire us the most. Stefan never says “no” and is always kind and happy.