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Tender: Geothermal Injection Pumps, United Towns Project, UK

Wellhead, United Towns Deep Geothermal Project, Cornwall / UK (Source: Company)

The United Towns Deep Geothermal Project has introduced a tender to supply water injection pumps.

Supply of water injection pumps to pump geothermal water produced in the injection well of the United Towns Deep Geothermal Power (UTDGP) project in Cornwall, UK.

Geothermal Engineering Limited (GL) is bidding for the supply and operation of continuous independent pumps to continuously pump geothermal water produced from the production well, United Downs-1 (UT-1) injection well, United Downs-2. (UT-2) at the United Towns Deep Geothermal Power Project near Redruth in Cornwall, England. The pumping operation should operate 24 hours a day for 7 days, pumping geothermal water produced between 10 and 40 liters / second and at temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees C and 150 bars / 2000. Pressure psi.

These pumps should be ready to operate on site for 7 days from May to mid-2021. The project is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The deadline for auctions is April 9, 2021. Auctions on April 9, 2021 should not reach GEL after 1500 GMT.

For more detailed specifications, please contact jonathan.beynon [at]

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