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Teletext is 45 years old – SVT About Us

Teletext is 45 years old – SVT About Us

– According to the media barometer measurement Link to another site. From 2022, teletext will be used daily by 15 percent of Swedes aged 9 to 85 years. To a greater extent, it is older people who use teletext, and among people aged 65 to 85, it is used by 28 percent. It can also be seen in those who call in, says Erik Aldeus, a correspondent for SVT Nyheter Riks Online who has worked in the field of teletext for more than 20 years.

What do you think is the reason why so many people use this service?

-It is still a very good news service. People are people of habit and you will continue to use the service as long as you think it is good. You can get the address and a quick overview of what happened. The content and tone are strict. I also think this is largely due to the sport: tables and results are readily available and easy to access. Eric Aldeus says: I think a lot of people who are interested in sports use teletext.

How does it work when creating software news?

– We follow SVT Nyheter and monitor the flow of TT. We do not do our own journalism, but we “celebrate textual television” with news and TT materials. It has a lot to do with keeping texts short, as space constraints are our challenge. In a regular article, there is more space for background. We have to make it very short. Eric Aldeus says: We enter the text into a black box that looks like a miniature television script.

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-We who work with teletext are very independent. We have two shifts from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, with a reporter on each shift. Today, we are many different people working with both teletext and the web. The three of us are leftover from the good old days of TV reporters.

Is it possible to read Teletext news in more places than on TV?

– There is a tab in the SVT News app and also from the web There are actually also apps created by individuals that you can download and get the teletext via your phone. Eric Aldeus says there is concern about the format on the part of the public.

Do you celebrate your “birthday” in any way?

– There will be a small cake celebration this afternoon, concludes Eric Aldeus.