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TBE at a continuous high level

TBE at a continuous high level

In 2022, 19 people were infected in Örebro County. In 2021, the number increased to 29 people, the highest number ever. Until 2015, the disease was uncommon in our area.

If you are in the woods and fields, the recommendation now is to get vaccinated against TBE. However, three sprays are needed to obtain adequate protection.

The reason for the recommendation is partly because the disease is becoming more common, and partly because it cannot be effectively treated in an outbreak. What you can do is relieve symptoms, such as pain.

Although there is no recommendation, cat and dog owners are also likely to be a risk group. Animals often have the ability to drag ticks with them onto furniture and bedding, where they are easily transmitted to humans.

The majority get mild symptoms

The vast majority of people with TBE have mild symptoms. This is what Lisa Feinberg, an assistant infectious diseases physician at USÖ, said in a previous interview:

– Most cases will probably never catch our attention. But about a third of those who contract the disease develop encephalitis. Then you can develop a high fever, severe headache, confusion, and convulsions. Hospital care is necessary.

About 40% of people with encephalitis suffer from symptoms that can last for a long time, such as memory problems, chronic fatigue, and, in exceptional cases, symptoms of paralysis. There are also deaths, but they are rare. Adults are more likely to get the disease than children.

Each vaccine dose usually costs between 250 and 500 SEK, depending on the location of the vaccination. The Örebro district website talks about 270 kroner. If you are over 50, you must take three full takes in the first season. A month after the first dose, the second dose is given. Two months after the second dose, the additional dose is given and the fourth dose is given 5-12 months after the second dose. For people under 50 years of age, three doses are sufficient, with the second dose given 1-3 months after the first dose, and the third dose given 5-12 months after the second dose at a suitable time before the next season.

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After that, an additional dose is applied after three years, and then every five years.

Lyme disease can be treated

TBE is subject to notification. Therefore, the USÖ Infection Control Unit has good statistics on the disease.

Lyme disease, also a common tick-borne infection, is more common, but not subject to notification. In most cases, it causes skin inflammation at the site of the tick bite, but it can also cause more serious illness such as meningitis. Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics.

Facts from Örebro County District and Public Health Authority