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Tasia Frozen Brits |  The world of technology

Tasia Frozen Brits | The world of technology

Photo: Dacia UK / Dacia UK

Dacia in the UK offers hot water bottles in response to other car brands offering subscription seat warmers.

Winter is here and it’s easy to get cold in the car. In the UK, the budget brand delivers Dacia Free hot water bottles for car owners of their brand. But surely it has a purpose. This is a campaign against brands that offer subscription seat warmers. For example, BMW charges 15 pounds (191 kroner) a month for service on some of its models.

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– Asking someone to pay extra for a factory fitted item is not really Dacia. Whether customers see heated seats as a necessity or not, our commitment to hassle-free ownership means we can’t let anyone push a button to access it, says UK brand manager Luke Broad.

The number of water bottles may have been entirely greater than the attention the move received in the British media. about that 75 bottles will be given away from February 1st to 2nd at three retailers. Last year, 27,220 Dacia cars were sold in the UK.

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