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Sweden's first goal for Kazakhstan in the World Cup Finals

Sweden’s first goal for Kazakhstan in the World Cup Finals

Viktor Svedberg from Gothenburg has played for the KHL Kazakhstan team, Baris Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana, since the 2018-2019 season, making the national team match in Kazakhstan possible for the Swede. During the Ice Hockey World Cup in Riga, Latvia, he was one of the many foreign players on the team who achieved surprising success and topped Group Two.

In a relegation period 11-3 to Italy on Saturday, Svidberg, who turned 30 on Monday, scored Kazakhstan’s first goal and one goal in the World Cup Finals. Swedish Hill, who also represented Tre Kronor, scored well 10-3 from the left technical circle after 17.44 in the third game.

It could reach the quarter-finals

The successful Kazakh national team could reach the quarter-finals and top Group B with 10 points after their six matches. On the other hand, the table is narrow and limp, with many teams playing up to two matches lower than the Kazakhs.

In Group A, the Czech Republic overtook Denmark and Sweden in the table after their 6-1 victory over Great Britain and went on to clinch last place in the quarter-finals of the group.

The Czech Republic finished the match early in the second half when Philippe Hronik scored 2-0 after 33 seconds while Libor Solak scored 3-0 after 4.29.

Sweden vs Slovakia

You’re always happy with three points, but there are things we can improve: everything, says Philip Hrunk on SVT broadcast after winning 6-1.

The Czech Republic now has eight points after five of the seven games played and is fourth in Group A for the World Cup, Denmark, also eight points but with a worse goal difference, five points and Tre Kronor, six points, six points before the big seven. Britain and eight Belarus, both three points.

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The Czechs thus continued to excel in the competition for last place in the quarter-finals of the group. Tre Kronor’s dream about the elimination match still lives on, but then it will likely require victories against Slovakia on Sunday and against the Russian team on Monday.

Russia, Switzerland and Slovakia – who all played at least one match less than the other teams in Group A – dominated the other three places in the quarter-finals.