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SVT comedian has been subjected to racist attack in Gothenburg

SVT comedian has been subjected to racist attack in Gothenburg

On television, viewers have been able to watch her in a number of programs and movies, including the SVT series A Course in Self-Destruction and the Hollywood movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Gothenburg comedian is usually associated with joy and humor, but when GP reaches her, she has a more depressing tone.

That was just over a week ago. Evelyn Mok was shopping at Lidl and Orienthuset at Kvillebäcken in Hisingen, when she passed by a man who seemed to be waiting for someone.

– I walk beside him, and after a while I noticed how suddenly he was behind me, chasing me. At first I thought I should fancy. As I walked across the street, I noticed how he followed me across the street, says Evelyn Mok.

He started coughing and yelling racist words

As Evelyn Mok turned to new streets, the man continued following them at a faster pace. When he realized she noticed that he was following her, he increased her pace. When the man was just meters away from her, just behind her back, he began to cough clearly and loudly, while shouting “tjing-tjong” and singing meaningless words usually associated with Asian stereotypes.

– That was when it got really uncomfortable. We were in the middle of a road and people were around. It was realized that this man would not quit until he caught up with me. He was following me for three or four minutes. What will he do when I come home?

Evelyn Mok has worked as a comedian for many years. However, the accident in Gothenburg shook her, she says. Photo: Lynn Berbrandt

In a last-ditch attempt to get rid of her stalker, Evelyn Mok escapes to a nearby candy store. Only then did the man stop, turn around and run away. On the way, he pushed other pedestrians.

– That was when the insight came. Shock and fear. Impotence. This guy had a goal – and that was me.

Then all the other feelings come. Does anyone believe me? Am I hypersensitive? The thing is that as an Asian, you have heard such dirty words all your life. I watched the drawing with two Korean pears, Anders Lundin in a hat of rice. “Can’t you just take a joke?” You’re so used to it that you don’t interact anymore. But when we now see in the world how something terrible has escalated during a pandemic and has become violent, then it looks different. It really is violence against us right now.

After the event, Evelyn Mok chose to come out with a video for her Instagram followers. In the video, dubbed “A Message to Asians in Sweden,” she warns other Asians in Sweden and urges them to exercise caution.

I felt the need to do it after everything that had happened in the UK and the US. At the same time, it’s very sad to realize that she somehow got here too. Many of my followers in Sweden have heard of similar things and made them here too. This is happening now.

Significant increase in hate crimes against Asians

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, more and more people of Asian descent in the Western world have witnessed an increase in violence, harassment and hate crimes.

In the United States, experts have sounded the alarm for an explosion of hate crime against people of Southeast and East Asia – nearly 3,800 cases in the past year, according to Stop AAPI-Hate.

On social media, the pictorial attacks on Asians began to spread widely internationally. Among the more notable events is a video of a 65-year-old woman, who this week was suddenly kicked by a man, according to police, chanting racist slogans as he went on. To kick the woman lying on the ground.

The landmark incident was filmed in a New York movie, which saw the largest increase in hate crimes against Asians in the United States since the pandemic began. On Twitter, the NYPD hate crime group regularly posts videos and photos informing the public about hate crimes – in recent weeks, the majority of hate crimes have been directed against people of Asian descent.

In Sweden and Gothenburg, too, Asians are witnessing an increase in hate against them in connection with the pandemic.

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I hope more people say that

Comedian Evelyn Mok reported the incident to the police in Kevelpaken. But a few days ago the news came – the preliminary investigation was closed.

As a comedian, she feels divided about sharing the story – and says she refuses to let fear dictate her life. At the same time, you feel a responsibility to tell.

– Maybe the thinking is a little bit typical Swedish, it doesn’t occupy me, I don’t want to get hurt. But if you are exposed to something like this, you feel completely helpless. Evelyn Mok says that person could come and help – it would have made a huge difference in the world.

She also hopes that people will open their eyes to the racism that has escalated during the pandemic.

– I want to make people understand that this is not just something that happens on TV abroad – it also happens to Asiatic Swedes. I hope we start a discussion about racism in Sweden. We talk very little about that.

Photo: James Deacon

Photo: James Deacon

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