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Stormskär's big movie Maja was shot in Öland - 'Colossal comfort and joy'

Stormskär’s big movie Maja was shot in Öland – ‘Colossal comfort and joy’

The big film about Maja from Stormskär was shot in Öland after an additional budget by the Parliament of Öland.

After many ifs and buts, it is now clear: the film about Maja from Stormskär may be shot at home, that is, in Öland. Helsinki-based Solar Films has acquired the rights to the films Annie Blomkvists A series of novels about Maja by Stormskär by the Aland Cultural Foundation two years ago, and Tina Lamy He has now written the script for the film.

Film Commissioner of the Åland County Government, Titi TurnrothPressed hard to land on the shoot.

– It’s a great comfort and joy! I’ve been working and fighting for this for a year now, so it’s amazing!

The saga of the Aland Archipelago

For many, it is certainly natural that the saga of the Åland Archipelago was recorded in Åland. But it was far from clear.

Törnroth says that despite the fact that the film had a large budget in Finnish – more than 4 million euros – the starting points for attracting film production to the island were poor financially. To enroll in Öland, all actors and entire film production must be able to shuttle back and forth to the island, which results in additional costs for travel, accommodation, and per diem.

Screenwriter Lymi previously said she wanted to shoot the movie in Öland. It is now possible, after parliament in Öland decided last week, to enter an additional budget into the project. Turnroth says they are reimbursing a maximum of €300,000 in solar film costs.

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– That’s why they came here and filmed. Without it, we would have stood our ground.

still not clear

It has been almost fifty years since the filming of the Stormskärs Maja books – in 1975 a television series with a script was made by Benedict Ziliakos And the Aki Lindemann as a director.

The film was shot in Swedish. According to Turnroth, it is still unclear when filming will begin.