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Starts on Amazon deals – saves 300 million products

In June of this year, it was discovered that Amazon was throwing away millions of fully functional products. A study by British television channel ITV showed that sometimes e-retailers almost never know what to do with palettes because they do not know what to do with them. In a “good” week, 124,000 items could be disposed of in the UK.

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Unexpectedly, this upset many, and now Amazon is introducing a new system that will reduce product waste. As for our strong right to withdraw, it is very reminiscent of the system already in place in Sweden among many e-retailers.

Amazon is now launching the “Grade and Resell” program in the UK. The project will soon be implemented in the United States and next year in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It is obvious that Amazon has realized that throwing away fully functional products is not a good idea for the environment or reputation.

So what is quality and resale? This is what we usually call bargaining products in Sweden, and you can sell the proceeds and use the products through the Amazon program. However, they should be graded and then labeled “Like New”, “Very Good”, “Good” or “Acceptable”. It is reminiscent of how some Swedish e-retailers work and a good example is Weblen, which has a well-developed classification system. You can see it here.

In addition to quality and resale, Amazon makes it easy for third-party resellers to overlay or resell to other resellers or Amazon specially selected partners.

These new projects are examples of the steps we are taking to ensure that the products sold on Amazon – either through us or through our small business partners – are put to good use, Amazon writes.

It should already be possible to refer to items donated for various charitable purposes, but more items were destroyed than were marked for donations in ITV’s review. Thus, more channels are needed to get rid of “bargaining products”, which Amazon now hopes can be solved with new programs.

Once fully released, we expect these projects to give a new lease of life to more than 300 million products each year, Amazon said in a statement.

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