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Star restaurateur Erik Wedegaard’s jaw was cracked by cancer

Star restaurateur Erik Wedegaard’s jaw was cracked by cancer

Eric Wedegaard’s path as a restaurateur was not clear. A self-described failed musician, he later became a sound engineer, one of the many professions he pursued. But when his daughter Felicia was born, he changed careers to avoid going on the road. After training at the famous club Gelden Frieden, his path forward was opened and since then his career has developed straight forward.

But fourteen years ago, something happened – Eric accidentally discovered a cut on his tongue, something he didn’t pay much attention to at first. After visiting the dentist, he was told that he should call the doctor. After a biopsy, it was found that he had cancer.

-He hit his left amygdala and it was really bad. “I felt cold,” he says.

In addition, Eric was told that he would not receive any sickness benefits and would live for a year without any income. A difficult year began and he received chemotherapy and radiotherapy through the chin. Fortunately, the doctor was able to save one of Eric’s most important organs – the tongue.

– The restaurant owner said: “I know where you are doing with Eric, so we put the treatment as far away as possible so as to leave the tongue and taste buds.”

“I had to shove things in my mouth.”

Nine months passed and he started to feel better. He continued his career and worked, among other things, with Daniel Craig during the filming of “The Dragon Tattoo”. But meanwhile, Eric’s mouth began to shrink more and more with each passing day.

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“In the end, it was 2 to 3 millimeters in size, and I had to put things in my mouth,” Eric says.

After a visit to the doctor, it was discovered that Eric’s jaw had died due to radiation. One night, Eric woke up to a huge explosion. It was his jaw that broke.

– It was like a tree trunk being crushed. He says the pain was completely real.

This was the beginning of another tour of the hospital. Doctors opened up his leg, took part of the leg bone and replaced his jawbone with it. The result is that today Eric has no sensation in parts of his jaw. As a remnant of the disease, he also has cough problems.

“It couldn’t have been done without them.”

After his participation in Nyhetsmorgon, Eric received some hate online, but chose to focus on all the love he receives from viewers.

– He says it’s great to see how many positive people there are in the country.

Eric also wants to pay tribute to his wife and children who helped him through the difficult period in his life.

– Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been able to manage without them, says Eric Wedegaard.

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Here Wedegaard was moved to tears by the sweet greeting: “Oh!”
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