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SS Kaparen is looking for beginners in sailing - Nora Haaland

SS Kaparen is looking for beginners in sailing – Nora Haaland

The Swedish Sailing Association is behind the idea of ​​private sailing courses for people over the age of 65. SS Kaparen has applied to join, and is now one of ten clubs in the country where the course will be offered.
-For several years, we have worked with Inclusive Sailing for Children and Youth with Disabilities, says Sarah Carlstrom Forssmann, who is responsible for developing the club’s sailing project for all.
As part of that, the club recently received last weekend two new parasail boats, where anyone can sail with their buddies. There is also a lift available for those who cannot take the boat on their own.
– In other countries such as the UK, the Netherlands or Australia, where the boats come, they have worked longer with sailing as a form of rehabilitation, for example, stroke patients or people with dementia. Sarah Carlstrom Forssmann says that in the boats we just received, it’s also possible to use technology that allows you to sail them blindly or if you can only use your mouth.
This technology or rehabilitation training opportunity does not exist at SS Kaparen in Gottskär. On the other hand, they are participating in a project with Region Halland where children and youth can describe sailing.

SS Kaparen has just received two new parasail boats. They are part of the job to make sailing accessible to everyone.

Not being able to be yourself

One of the two new Hansa 303 boats has already been taken out of its packaging and shimmers bright orange in the sun. Lime green is still equally rolled into the bubble space. A Pelle P C55 is located on a trolley next to Gottskär Port. These are the three boats that will be used on the 65 plus sailing course.
You could certainly be on a boat before, but the level is that you don’t have to be able to sail on your own, says Peter Runge.
The course itself is paid for by the Swedish Sailing Federation, and the only thing required is to be a member of SS Kaparen. Over a number of courses, you will then learn theory and practice.
– At the end of the course you will be able to sail on your own!

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Benefit and pleasure

In addition to the fun, there is a lot of helpful thinking behind the project. To be able to master the boat on your own, some physics is needed, so you’ll practice movement exercises that inspire sailing as well as balance as well as arms and thighs, says Peter Runge.
Research also shows that the brain is plastic. The more you use certain parts of it, the stronger it becomes. The best way to keep doing this is to learn new things to keep the learning going, says Sarah Carlstrom Forssmann.
In addition to a group of new sailors in blue, they also hope to spark interest in the club’s activities for the rest of the year.
– It’s a social activity as well, as we offer different courses during the winter season, says Peter Runge.