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Space exposures – for the adventurous photographer

Space exposures – for the adventurous photographer

Like Space Invaders, but for astrophotography.

Are you sitting with the camera waiting for the late model, the elk who doesn’t show up or the photo buddy who doesn’t like being on time? So maybe a photo-related mobile game can relieve the boredom while you wait.

Space Exposures is an arcade style game where, according to its creator, you Joran StrandExperience the joy and frustration astrophotographers can feel during a starry night.

Feel the rush of joy at getting the picture perfect, but also the frustration of all those clouds constantly getting in your way.

Through the 1990s and 2000s, Goran worked as a programmer, before choosing to focus full time as a photographer in 2012. So creating a game wasn’t far away.

The goal of the game is to take as many good photos as you can as an astrophotographer. It is important to use the right lens for the right object. For example, a large aurora requires a wide-angle lens, while a small planet requires a longer telephoto lens

The score is calculated based on how well the lens you choose matches the object you’re shooting, how well the entire object is captured in the frame and the distance to the object. If the object is too close when you take the photo it will probably become blurred, but if you are quick and shoot it early you will get some extra points.

In order for one to be able to pass the night, one must avoid colliding with the clouds, which are the worst enemies of the astrophotographer.

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The game is available for iPhone at app store.

Posted on 08-27-2023.