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South Korea sets the bar for the rhythm of music in the gym

South Korea sets the bar for the rhythm of music in the gym

With the new gym calls, authorities in South Korea want to get people to breathe more slowly and avoid sweat littering the building.

Those who participate in group activities in zumba, spinning, and aerobics will be able to make the music quieter than they are used to. The gym will also be closed no later than 10pm, and those who train in indoor facilities can stay there for a maximum of two hours. In addition, they should take a shower at home.

Gym owners can feel a little suspicious of the new rules.

We play light songs to make our members happy and the atmosphere in general, but my biggest question is whether classical music or BTS songs have proven to have any effect on the spread of the virus, says Kang Hyun-ku, who runs a gym in North. flood.

For the seventh day in a row, South Korea has reported more than 1,000 new people infected with the coronavirus. The 1,150 new cases on Monday are slightly above Sunday’s numbers, but down from last week’s high of 1,378.

On Monday, the South Korean government imposed the most stringent restrictions on the spread of the epidemic in the capital, Seoul. In addition to the gym rules, it is now forbidden to gather more than two people after 6 pm. Schools, bars and clubs have also been closed.

The number of critically ill patients is lower than in previous outbreaks in the country, where many vulnerable elderly people have been vaccinated. 11.6% of the country’s 52 million people have been fully vaccinated, while 30.4% have received a first dose, according to the country’s infection control authority.

Test site in Seoul on Monday. Photo: Lee Jin-man/AP/TT

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