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Someone analyzed the Starfield trailer and created a map of its being

Someone analyzed the Starfield trailer and created a map of its being

Start planning for your warp jumps today.

Serious analysis of trailers and gameplay videos to find details and hidden things that the developers might not have intended to reveal is a kind of niche in the gaming community. The most recent example is Sebastian Weerhausen’s review of starfieldReview Last month, we got, more specifically, a glimpse of the star map it included.

With the help of the displayed information, Werhausens not only gave us a lot of interesting notes, but also gave us an interactive map that can be downloaded from github. During the six seconds that the star chart appeared in the review, he was able to see three real stars (the Sun, Alpha Centauri and Purima), and with the help of their positions, he was then able to calibrate his creation.

In addition to these real solar systems, there were also four dummy ones, but Werhausen thinks it’s likely that more real solar systems will be included among the “100+” that will be in the game. Based on distance and color, it is believed that he has already identified three of them: Altair, Bernard and Sirius.

Another note is that the “torsion power” of 24.6 light-years is enough to hit every solar system on what we saw from the map, which managed to turn half of the ships shown during the shipbuilding demo. However, it is not impossible to modify these values ​​before the game is released.

one dimension delay will starfield It will be released sometime during the first half of 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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