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Soldalen – a well-known star

Soldalen – a well-known star

– Dementia care is our main area. It's good that we were able to put in a little extra effort through training and make it even better, says Elinor Johansson, unit manager at the Bergfast and Soldalen nursing homes.

To earn a Starred Award, at least 80% of employees must have completed all four stages of training and be working within the training model’s objectives. A goal that Soldalin exceeds.

– All our staff are 100% trained! Then we also trained the staff in rehabilitation and the group of staff who work here in Soldalen, says Eleanor.

Jessica Johansson is the education leader for the star marking process at Osby Municipality. Since November 2023, she has been training staff in all steps. Before each training session, staff complete online training and homework, which is then discussed during meetings.

– They were positive about the training and this led to many discussions, both during training and at work. Through training, we've also been able to transfer knowledge to new staff and replacements so everyone has the same understanding of dementia, says Jessica.

To celebrate the award, employees and relatives were invited to a barbecue evening in Söldalen.

“We had a very nice evening together and we also invited our relatives to celebrate. It was very much appreciated,” says Eleanor.

what is happening now?

– Within a year there will be a follow-up. We had to choose three areas for improvement that we will continue to work on. They follow up with relatives twice a year, talk about their life story and have regular reflection meetings, says Jessica.

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Will staff in other municipal nursing homes also be trained?

– The idea is to continue training mainly for groups and units working in dementia care. The hope is that we can work more in other areas as well, Jessica says.