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Several other southern countries have seen the northern lights

Several other southern countries have seen the northern lights

Recently, the northern lights have appeared in places including Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

– It’s unusual to see the northern lights this far south, but it’s happened before, says SVT meteorologist Tora Tomasdóttir.

There is an explanation for why many countries have been seeing the Northern Lights lately:

We are now in a period of increased solar activity, so there will be more northern lights. The sun’s activity goes through cycles of about 11 years each, so seize the opportunity now and for a period to come before the activity decreases again.

Northern lights in Australia – or?

Australia has also seen a light phenomenon, but it is not the northern lights.

– They are the southern lights, which are the same as the northern lights but around the South Pole, explains Tora Tomasdóttir.

However, it is not as common for people to see the southern lights as it is to see the northern lights in the north.

– Around Antarctica, at the corresponding latitudes, there is nothing more than the sea, so not many people enjoy the southern glow.

Watch the northern and southern lights in different countries in the video above.

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What is the most unusual color, and is there any particular time that is particularly good for seeing the northern lights? Watch the answers to three questions about the northern lights in the video. picture: France Press agency