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Schemers – here’s the review

“Schemers” – a movie about non-charismatic businessmen


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The ‘deceivers’



Reggie Dave McClain, Mead Connor Perry, Sean Connor, Grant Robert Kellan, Tara Lee

Film review from low budget disco organizer to popular rock promoter. This is the film about the beginning of Dave McLean’s career, directed by himself.

Drama / comedy The main character is chased to clear the music, the picture freezes and the voice of the Scottish narrator tells us that we are in Dundee, 1979. The feeling of seeing a dusty residual product of “Trainspotting” is present from start to finish.

From low-budget disco organizers to early bookings of bands like Simple Minds, Ultravox, Specials, XTC and many more. Iron Maiden’s Messy Party. Ultimately, the one who introduced grunge in the UK and became a director of Placebo – for Dave McLean’s music life to become a movie isn’t out of the ordinary. But when he brought out himself, the result was a series of soulless tales for the closest mourners who could fill the gaps themselves. Half of the trip can hardly be accommodated, not a drop of love for music: “Schemers” is unfortunately just a movie about non-charismatic businessmen. The film is available for streaming, but instead watch “The 24 Hours Party” or “Northern Soul” on the same theme.


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