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Russian media: Drone attack in Transnistria |  the world

Russian media: Drone attack in Transnistria | the world

The authorities said on social media: “Today a fire broke out in the area of ​​a military facility in Tiraspol (the capital of the region) as a result of an explosion,” claiming that the drone was launched from the Odessa District in Ukraine. .

A criminal investigation is said to have been opened.

Neither Ukraine nor Russia has commented on the incident yet.

Grainy footage distributed by the separatist authorities shows an object colliding with a military helicopter stationed at an air base surrounded by fields.

In late February, the pro-Kremlin leadership in Transnistria asked Russia for “protection,” according to a resolution issued in the autonomous region.

Warned of Moscow's plans

Since Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, observers have warned that Moscow may have plans for Transnistria.

Russian-speaking Transnistria separated from Moldova in connection with the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Since then, the region has practically operated as an autonomous state with Russian financial support and a Russian military presence.

At the international level, only Transnistria is recognized as part of Moldova. In the 2006 referendum, which is not considered internationally legitimate, 97.2 percent of the population voted in favor of joining Russia.

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