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Realme MagDart presents - Fast Wireless Charging with Magnetic Stand

Realme MagDart presents – Fast Wireless Charging with Magnetic Stand

Realme has introduced MagDart, which is the company’s Apple MagSafe equivalent, which is Qi charging with a magnetic mount. MagDart consists of a number of products.

The closest thing to MagSafe is a Qi charger with magnetic mount that charges over 15W. According to Realme, it is 26.4 percent thinner than its Apple counterpart and is also claimed to offer much faster charging, as it should be able to charge a 4,500mAh battery in 90 minutes.

A rather clumsy but faster alternative that charges more than 50W. The charger is similar to the Mac mini and has a built-in fan. When connected to Realme’s 65W charger, the wireless charger should be able to wirelessly charge a 4,500mAh battery from empty to full in 54 minutes.

Realme also introduced a wireless powerbank that can be attached to the back cover and charged without a cable, as well as a cover for the Realme GT that provides support for MagDart. Another accessory is the MagDart Wallet with space for three cards. It has built-in support that can tilt the phone.

The latest product is the unusual MagDart Beauty Light that attaches to the back cover and allows the lamp to be folded forward for enhanced selfies. The accessory is powered by reverse wireless charging. Realme did not say how much the MagDart products will cost or when they will be released, or which devices they will be compatible with.

At the moment, they only work with Realme GT – if you buy the case.