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Ranstorp's promise must begin with UNRWA's offer

Ranstorp's promise must begin with UNRWA's offer

The government places Magnus Ranstorp on the board of directors of Sida. He – a professor at the Norwegian Defense Academy, who is often presented in the media as a terrorism researcher – says he wants to “create transparency”, to make sure “aid is directed correctly and effectively”.

But if he wants to have any confidence, if he is serious about his commitment, he needs to start answering questions about the debate he has written for. Svenska Dagbladet (17/2)He stated that UNRWA is so deeply involved with Hamas that not only aid must be stopped, but the entire organization must be stopped.

Refers to “specific evidence” From Israel, it is believed that this “documentation” was transmitted by Channel 4, but whoever actually sees the feature notes that it is related to Critical review This takes note of the extent of the spread of the Israeli accusation.

Ranstorp is still in a hurry. It is as if the IDF's claims immediately turn into facts in its argument, from which it concludes that the goal should be “for Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria to demolish existing refugee camps and build permanent housing for Palestinian refugees in their place.” Granting them full citizenship.” Merely manipulating the idea of ​​return is “the annihilation of the Jewish State of Israel,” and that these countries do not reveal “the true face of the Arab world.”

Who wants transparency? She can start on her own. Why did Ranstorp, without further concrete information, rush to demand the shutdown of the machine that keeps millions of people alive? Why would anyone think he would demand more substantial evidence as a member of Sida?

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At the moment, the government actually appears to have recruited a range of viewpoints it likes. It provides quick discussion pieces (and a new platform for Ranstorp to develop his brand). But it hardly provides better aid.