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Rachel Platten hits all over the world with Fight Song

Rachel Platten hits all over the world with Fight Song

American singer Rachel Platten She is currently a hit all over the world with her powerful song “Fight Song”. After a hit with “Fight Song” in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand during the spring and summer, the hit is now starting in Europe. Rachel Platten topped the UK’s official singles chart with “Fight Song” as she took a magical step from number 68 to number one last week. Here in Sweden, the song is steadily climbing up both the radio list and the Spotify list.

“Fight Song” Written by Rachel when she was frustrated and sad that her music career never took off. She stood at a crossroads if it was really realistic to keep trying for a professional career as an artist or if it was time to shelve dreams. Out of frustration, she created Fight Song and since writing the song, life has changed a lot for Rachel. With her extraordinary success, she can now be the one who inspires and gives strength and courage.

Release Rachel EP: n “Fight Song” He toured the United States with Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri on “The Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour”. In July, Rachel was invited to perform “Fight Song” with Taylor Swift in front of 50,000 fans in Philadelphia during Taylor’s 1989 World Tour.

“Fight Song” has already sold double platinum in Australia, platinum in New Zealand and Canada, and gold in South Africa.

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