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Pudas on the new role as a striker: 'He was fit'

Pudas on the new role as a striker: ‘He was fit’

Skellefteå’s Jonathan Bodas, who was named the best defender in the SHL, had to step in as a striker in the World Cup match against Great Britain.

– That was a long time ago, and I haven’t done it since I was 10, says Pudas of the effort that gives it the “decent” rating.

But it was not entirely unexpected – the captain of the national team, Johann Garbenlov, indicated that this might be the case already before the match.

– He warned me before, that I would have to make some changes. Now it was the whole match instead, Pudas continues.

– But it was fun trying.

“Behaving in a good manner”

Johann Garbenlov was pleased with Hill’s efforts.

– He behaves well, he says.

On the back side, Tre Kronor is strong – but on the front side, you can only take injuries, or tire any players ahead of the upcoming matches. Hence the decision to give Pudas the new role.

We’ve had a bit of bad luck with injuries and haven’t reported any people. Garbinlov explains that we felt the need to spread the Ice Age.

And if the Pudas can survive as a striker? This is possible, but it is not a dream state, according to Garbinlov.

“Hopefully we’ll get more attackers here so we can fill four chains with attackers so the Pudas can play,” he says.

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The main character himself says that he can imagine continuing to play as a striker, if necessary for the sake of the team.

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– If “Garpen” wanted me to play there, I would, he says.

It was noted that Bodas assisted in the match which Tre Kronor won 6-0.

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