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Problem with frame, due to network lag?

Problem with frame, due to network lag?

Happy holiday!

I just bought some new computer parts as my old computer got tired and gave up. Chassis, psu and hdd/ssd recycled. More on this later…

I don’t really know what happened to the old computer. It crashed a few weeks ago when I was working on a photogrammetry. First twice the same day, then again the next day, then it refused to start again.

I assumed at first it was the graphics card (gtx1050) that gave up but it doesn’t smell burnt and the fan worked. I tried with another old graphics card (Radeon 5770) and this fan started as well. EZ strangely indicated that there was something wrong with my RAM. Went to town and bought new tires to test if it was the frame units which was weird, but still had the same problem. Finally assumed it was a fault with the motherboard and thought they might as well upgrade everything, in this case.

Anyway, after much delay, I purchased new parts based on some of the recommendations in some of the threads here that felt good and were within a reasonable budget. had become:
– ASUS TUF Gaming B650-Plus
AMD Ryzen 5 7600
– Kingston 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 6000MHz
I’m still looking around for more powerful graphics cards and a PSU than its old predecessor. (500 watts from Cooler Master)

Well, today it was about building a computer.
The problem is that…the problem is still there? With brand new components, the new motherboard still shows signs that the brand new ram is not working when I try to start the computer. I have tried starting the computer with both the old gpu and no gpu etc. The only thing left in the computer from before is the SSD and the PSU (in addition to the chassis, but it still can’t affect the RAM, right?). I’ve tried unplugging the SSDs cables and tried starting, no difference. Should I try copper from their power supply maybe? I actually didn’t. But other than that, only the PSU remains…

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Now I wonder, did you get bad memories from the internet? – Or did you make a mistake and buy the wrong things? – Or could my power supply be the cause of this? Thinking that if there is something strange with the 24 pins it causes the ram not to get the electricity it needs.
I’ve searched a bit and read about something called “ddr5 boot” which seems to mean ddr5 memories need a long time to boot initially, up to 15 minutes. I’ve tried leaving the computer on for 1.5 hours with no results.

Grateful for answers.