Premier League Footballers ‘Running Out Of Mansions’

Premier League footballers are running out of mansions to rent in the most exclusive areas of Cheshire, according to a report in The Telegraph.

The report quotes Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who suggests that top players are left “scrambling for a house” due to the high demand for luxury rental properties – and often in competition with each other to view and pay up front for the few suitable houses that become available. It explains that the shortage is especially acute because footballers are looking to rent, due to the transient nature of their jobs, but most of the suitable properties are only available for sale.

Peter Higham of estate agents Gascoigne Halman told the newspaper: “The rental market in Cheshire is competitive because the owners of these large luxury properties very rarely want to rent them out, usually opting to sell them.

“Footballers also tend to want a very specific type of property – they want the modern technology, they want the pool, the security and the large garden. You would not see the modern footballer buying a 1930s red brick – they want it new and bespoke.”

As The Telegraph report takes something of an emphatic tone in drawing our attention to the plight of these unfortunate highly paid footballers it’s easy to forget that this is very much a first world problem. It’s also quite hard to understand why no enterprising Cheshire buy to let investor has not come up with a solution.

Source The Telegraph
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