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Photo exposes Donald Trump's rally hoax

Photo exposes Donald Trump's rally hoax

Aerial photo taken during Donald Trump's rally in New York.

Image: YouTube

Donald Trump during a rally in the Bronx.

Photo: Yuki Iwamura/AP TT

Former President Donald Trump held a massive rally in the Bronx, New York, on Thursday.

At first, it looked like an unambiguous victory for Trump as far as the public was concerned.

“25,000 people came to the Bronx to see and hear from President Trump.”“, writes GOP on X.

Trump then shared an article from the right-wing conservative broadcast network on social media. There, the Trump campaign reported that 25,000 spectators were present when the former president spoke, and described the atmosphere of the gathering as “ecstatic.”

“The number of spectators shows the great enthusiasm that President Trump has aroused among voters even in the bluest areas of the United States.”“,” the broadcast network wrote on the right side — a reference to New York’s historically Democratic dominance when it comes to election results.

Even Fox News reported that 25,000 spectators was a reality.

Reporter: There were 1,000 people, not 25,000

However, police estimated there were between 8,000 and 10,000 people at the site, according to the New York Post. Additionally, The New York Times later reported that the Trump campaign only obtained permission for an event attended by 3,500 people.

When aerial photos of the march emerged, the picture of how many people were there became completely different.

“Once again Trump World has lost touch with reality.”wrote the Daily Beast, whose reporter who was there estimated that about 1,000 people were present when Trump spoke.

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