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P4 is responsible for educational assistance to Ukraine

P4 is responsible for educational assistance to Ukraine

Since early July, the British military has been training Ukrainian citizens in the UK to defend Ukraine against a Russian invasion. Training takes place at several British training centers where they receive basic military training.

When the Swedish Armed Forces recently received a request to contribute instructor expertise, a rapid preparation took place that formed the basis for the government’s decision on August 4.
– The whole process has been done quickly and with good precision. It is possible because of good relations with the British Army. I was in Edinburgh last week and met many British colleagues. Of course it was discussed, says Karl Engelbrechtsen.

Army staff are now working on the concrete details of the implementation together with the military unit, Regiment P 4 of Skaraborg in Skövde, which has overall responsibility for the training mission. From there, a significant portion of the instructors needed to conduct the training will be supplemented by other military units.

– All armies are built from the ground up according to the Soldier, Squad and Platoon model. They later become companies, battalions, regiments, divisions, corps and finally armies. Each level requires specific skills. This training mission focuses on the soldier and squad level. There is a need for instructors with special skills in this subject. Therefore, the instructor team will be a mix of soldiers, team commanders, special officers and officers. It has proven to be a success in EUTM efforts and will certainly continue to be so, says Karl Engelbrechtsen.

The government’s decision allows the armed forces to send 120 men to the UK between August 12 and December 31. For many and a long time, that is unlikely to actually be the case.

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– The Army is handling the first round of the mission with about 45 instructors who will undergo training for about five intensive weeks. Already in a week, the first instructors will join the British for a re-inspection before the training mission. Army chief Karl Engelbrechtsen says the first groups of instructors should be in place by the end of September to begin training in early October.