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Order deliveries from Modo –

Order deliveries from Modo –

I searched and searched and searched for signs of life from the Modo channel but unfortunately to no avail. So I, along with many other Modo supporters, began to doubt it ever existed. According to some rumors, it should exist – proof of that has to be that Modo Hockey charges a subscription fee every month. Unfortunately, however, these rumors do not seem to be true, as apart from the fees, there is no evidence of their existence.

So the legitimate question is why would Modo choose to charge for a product that doesn’t exist? What is the purpose of the Modo channel, other than to generate annoyance that you’re paying for something that isn’t delivered. If there are no conditions for Modo to provide the content, you should of course not continue to charge us for it.

Fashion supporter

Welcome! Thank you for your dedication. We’re well aware that Modo has been a little late this summer, in part because the undersigned took a relatively long vacation after a heavy spring. It’s also the case that players and managers go on a well-deserved summer break.

Now, however, everyone is “in the office” again and we will of course shake things up, also at Modo Channel, before next season. Recently, we made an impact on a training session, taking the pulse of Matthias Carlin and introducing our new acquisition Victoria Klimek in the Modo channel. You can count on regular updates going forward and more behind-the-scenes material.

If you still feel like you’re not getting value for the 79 SEK per month that Modo Channel premium costs (59 SEK per month if you’re a club member), you’re of course free to cancel your subscription.

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John Hagqvist, Modo Hockey’s Director of Press and Communications