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New procedures in Sahlgrenska after discarded vaccine cans

New procedures in Sahlgrenska after discarded vaccine cans

There are different actors responsible for vaccinating different sectors of the population. The first phase was responsible for the municipality and the second phase is now taking place in the health centers.

However, stage 2 and 3 patients who belong to certain medical risk groups, such as cancer patients and dialysis patients, are vaccinated by hospitals.

The vaccination has so far been done in various clinics – but now they will collect it instead at Sahlgrenska Hospital, writes Göteborg-Posten.

The reason is that the wings were forced to throw away the remaining cans when patients refused Astra Zeneca’s vaccines or for other reasons reserved their time.

Charlotte Weddell is the responsible operations manager and believes that if you have a larger group of patients as a basis, it is easier to find people who can fill in any gaps.

So far, people are being vaccinated in many clinics and with each cancellation, the clinic itself has to search for new patients. Therefore, it is best to collect all of your vaccinations in one place so that you do not end up in the situation in which you are chased by many alternatives. Now we’ll have clear administrative procedures with easier ways for new patients, says Charlotte Widdell.

It increases the rate of vaccination

Widell doesn’t have its own idea of ​​how many doses to throw out. But she thinks it’s so frustrating with every dose that gets thrown out.

The employees make great efforts not to miss doses. We have a fairly limited flow of patients and relatives don’t follow. This is why it’s hard to find other people on the block who are over 65 and can receive doses, says Charlotte Widdell.

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New work on a smaller scale began this week, but the hope is to reach full production in a few weeks.

This is expected to increase the vaccination rate, but of course a lot depends on the vaccine supply.

The European Commission will not extend contracts with Astra Zeneca and Janssen. According to Richard Bergstrom, it has nothing to do with side effects
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