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New function to track locked mobile phones

New function to track locked mobile phones

What's new in Android 15

Android 15 and Google Pixel 9 may offer the ability to track a mobile phone even if it is locked.

Google is working on the next generation of Android, and as part of this it also features an expanded Find My Device network. Now API has emerged, which is a tool that enables programs to communicate with each other and exchange information. It is called Powered Off Finder API and it makes it possible to find compatible mobile phones even when they are turned off by sending so-called Bluetooth signals to other Android devices that are part of the Find My Device network. The receiving devices will then encrypt and upload the device's location, transmitting the information to a Google server and letting the device owner know where it is. However, the feature will require devices to have specific hardware support that allows it to operate the Bluetooth controller even when the mobile phone is turned off, so it will not work on all Android devices.

Google's upcoming Pixel 9 models are expected to be the first to benefit from this feature. There are also hints that Pixel 8 models, including the upcoming Pixel 8a, may also get access to this feature.

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