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NASA shows what black holes look like

NASA recently released an audio clip of a giant black hole, and the alarm factor is high.

The sound has been described as a chorus of ghosts or a cosmic howl.

You can listen to the clip here.

For the first time, it is possible to hear the sound of a black hole.
For the first time, it is possible to hear the sound of a black hole.

Does the idea of ​​space fill you with dread? This thing wouldn’t change if you shared a 34-second clip of the US space agency NASA Posted the other day – which allows the listener to hear actual sound waves from a supermassive black hole.

The sound consists of data that NASA already collected two decades ago and is called by the space agency “remixed sonication,” meaning that sound frequencies have been increased by about 57 octaves to enable the human ear to perceive.

There is a lot of gas

And NASA indicated in connection with the publication of the clip that it is impossible for sound to travel through space, it is a myth.

The misunderstanding that there is no sound in space arises from the fact that the greater part of space is a vacuum, in which sound cannot move. “But in the galaxy cluster there is so much gas that we were able to catch the actual sound,” NASA wrote on Twitter.

The sound produced by the space agency is terrifying, according to many.

cosmic howl

in Guardian description As a “cosmic howl” and as the sound of an “ominous wind tunnel”, others have described it as a chorus of ghosts singing to us out of the void.

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However, says Kimberly Arcand, one of those responsible for the NASA sonication project The Washington Post An Hon The sound is seen as something like “Beautiful film music by Hans Zimmer”.

Lots of suns

The supermassive black hole is believed to be at the center of all galaxies, and has a mass equivalent to millions or billions of suns. This black hole is located at the heart of a galaxy cluster called Perseus, located 240 million light-years from Earth.

Since the clip was released, it has been watched by more than 13 million people.