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Much was lost at sea after devastating hurricanes in India

Much was lost at sea after devastating hurricanes in India

to me Times of India The Sagar Bhushan oil rig and auxiliary barge must have been washed out into the sea as a result of the hurricane. The newspaper reported that the two ships drifted off the coast outside Bombay (Mumbai) and moved about 90 kilometers southeast of the coast in the neighboring state of Gujarat.

BBC Reports indicate that a total of three barges and an oil platform were separated from their anchors during the storm. In total, there may be as many as 700 crew members on board the various ships. According to the BBC, one of the sandals must have sunk.

Indian Navy It is reported that they have mobilized rescue ships and helicopters to rescue people who have drifted into the sea. On Tuesday morning, Swedish time, the Fleet reported that just under 200 people had been rescued while 96 were still missing.

The Toktai has caused torrential rains, floods and waves of up to three meters high along India’s western coast. About 20 people have been confirmed dead, but it is feared that the number will increase further as more people are lost.

About 100,000 people were evacuated in Gujarat prior to the cyclone, which with the strength of winds above the boundaries of the hurricane is believed to have been the strongest to hit the country in more than 30 years.

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