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Morkonkolan: Citizens’ attempt to reduce fuel tax is very popular – and four news to keep an eye on this morning |  Domestic

Morkonkolan: Citizens’ attempt to reduce fuel tax is very popular – and four news to keep an eye on this morning | Domestic

good morning! Here is a list of five news items you need to know this Wednesday morning.

Citizens’ efforts to reduce fuel taxes are very popular

Citizens’ efforts to reduce the fuel tax a few weeks ago collected 50,000 names in a single day, and now have nearly 100,000. This means that this initiative will be discussed in the rickshaw.

According to Peter Lund, professor of technical physics at the University of Alto, the purpose of the fuel tax is to not only change our behavior and choose more sustainable alternatives, but also to finance government spending.

So he did not see realistically that the initiative of the new citizens would have any major impact.

Today, the last hurdle in the EU-UK pact has been lifted

The trade agreement between the EU and the UK will receive its final approval today as the figures for yesterday’s vote are presented in the European Parliament.

The agreement has been in use temporarily since the beginning of the year, pending parliamentary approval.

As the majority of the votes in Parliament are far away, the counting of votes is delayed until the morning, but it is already clear that the majority in Parliament supports the agreement.

Tonight’s referendum was preceded by a debate in which MEPs had the opportunity to think about the Brexit process and negotiations with Britain.
Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union hang from the top of a building.
Image: Mostphotos

The EU wants to limit the use of AI to avoid future nightmares

The European Commission recently announced that it wants to limit the use of artificial intelligence in the future. If the projects are given the green light, it will have definite consequences for citizens across the Union.

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For example, there may be strict rules for self-driving vehicles, face recognition and auto assessment when borrowing.

According to the proposal, with a few exceptions, facial recognition will be prohibited in a public place, for example if you are looking for a missing child or are about to stop a terrorist attack.

Frederick Hends

Frederick Hendz, an assistant professor at Linkொping University, believes there are risks to artificial intelligence based on this limitation.
Frederick Hends
Photo: Michael Hanson
Portrait, Frederick Hends

The government is in talks on a budget framework

The two-day talks move to eighth place today.

Wednesday at least begins with the Central Party’s parliamentary committee meeting. It is not clear what the other parties are doing or how the talks will proceed.

Today, Prime Minister Channa Marin will also present Finland’s exit plan for the corona epidemic. Also known as: “Prime Minister’s information on the plan to control the restrictions and recommendations introduced as a result of the Govt-19 epidemic”. It starts at 2 p.m.

Federicher starts summer school to catch students who slipped behind during epidemics

Even before the corona epidemic, there was concern about increasing school attendance, and more and more students were falling behind in schooling. Recent distant times have not directly contributed to the situation.

In Federaser, they want to counter this with a summer school. It is supportive of students who need to be encouraged and trained, for example, to discover reading, research techniques, motivation and structure in their lives.

– Students should not be left alone in these matters because anxiety will probably permeate. You get the lack of motivation, and then you end up in a vicious circle, says Rolf Schunkwist, Fedserin’s director of education.


Chili weather continues across the country. It will be partly cloudy with a chance of rain or sleet in the interior. Tonight the weather will be somewhat devastating.

Today’s maximum temperature is +4 to +8 degrees. It will be a little colder in the north.