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Modulators replace DLSS 3 with FSR 3 in games to support the graphics card more widely

Modulators replace DLSS 3 with FSR 3 in games to support the graphics card more widely

In late September, AMD released its answer to Nvidia’s DLSS image interpolation technology Frame generation in the form of FSR 3. However, implementation of the technology has been relatively slow, and currently there is only official support in a total of four games. However, last week the company released FSR 3 which Open source codeAs expected, it wasn’t long before modders started using this to create their own applications of the technology in games.

One of these modifiers is Nukem9 Who issued the Ministry of Defense dlssg-to-fsr3 on GitHub. As the name suggests, it is about the method of binding image interpolation using FSR 3 in games that already have DLSS Frame generation Implemented, it practically replaces the latter technology with AMD’s predecessor. This is done via a modified version of the nvngx.dll program library used for DLSS in games, which instead calls FSR 3 when DLSS Frame generation It’s activated.

However, the mod is not without its drawbacks, the biggest of which is that it requires a graphics card from the Geforce RTX family. The reason for this is that the Nvidia framework Simplified The mod used simply does not work with other graphics card families. Additionally, HDR is not supported, and anyone who chooses to enable it will experience crashes in most cases.

The FSR 3 mod works with Cyberpunk 2077 and others.

The developer and several users have tested the mode in Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 with relatively good results. This method also seems to work for many other games that currently have DLSS Frame generation It does, but the visual output and overall stability can vary widely depending on the title.

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