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Microsoft regrets the way it handled the creator of Fable Lionhead Studios

Microsoft regrets the way it handled the creator of Fable Lionhead Studios

I wish it was still a walking studio.

Power On: The Story of Xbox is a six-part documentary series on the history of Xbox, and has already been released today, including on Youtube. But some have already tried it (thank you) IGN), and the segment is about what happened to Lionhead Studios. Lionhead is the studio founded by Peter Molyneux that brought us games like myth And black and whiteIt was acquired by Microsoft in 2006.

However, many in the studio were unhappy with how Microsoft took control of the ship, and after several major defections, including Molyneux, the studio closed permanently in 2016. In the documentary, Xbox’s Shannon Loftis says that one of the biggest mistakes they learned the most was Who is Lionhead? After the successes of the first games, combined myth And the Kinect wasn’t really something people wanted, which led to this Myth: The Journey I got a decent one Fabulous Receiving.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer also summed up what they’ve learned from all of this: “You’re buying a studio for what they’re good at right now, and your job is to help them speed up how to do it. From They do what they do, don’t make them rush what they do the Loftis concluded by wishing that Lionhead would still be a viable studio.

But even if the Lionhead goes to the grave, we can at least rejoice about it myth Will do Counting, this time from the development dutyPlayground game -studio.