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Microsoft is expanding its AI presence in London, embracing the UK's commitment to responsible AI

Microsoft is expanding its AI presence in London, embracing the UK's commitment to responsible AI

Microsoft recently announced plans to establish a new AI center in the vibrant city of London. The multinational technology giant aims to further advance language models and AI in collaboration with other Microsoft teams and partners such as OpenAI. This strategic move aligns with the UK's commitment to AI innovation, while emphasizing the importance of responsible AI development.

The new AI center will be led by respected scientist and engineer Jordan Hoffman, who previously contributed to groundbreaking projects at Inflection and DeepMind. Microsoft recognizes the exceptional talent and thriving AI ecosystem in the UK, making London an ideal location to expand its AI efforts.

As Mustafa Sulaiman, EVP and CEO of Microsoft AI, shared in a blog post, “I'm deeply aware of the extraordinary talent and AI ecosystem in the UK, and I'm excited to make this commitment to the UK on behalf of Microsoft AI. . . to use AI responsibly and with a safety-first approach.” I know the country is committed to progress.

The UK is actively positioning itself as a pioneer in AI research and innovation. In 2020, the country hosted the world's first Global AI Security Summit, which brought together representatives from 25 countries. The event, held at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, focused on discussing the risks of AI.

Microsoft acknowledges the responsible and fair regulatory approach adopted by the UK Government in relation to AI. The company is committed to contributing to the growth and advancement of AI, prioritizing security, investment and economic progress.

By establishing this new AI center, Microsoft plans to actively recruit top talent in the region. They are looking for people who are passionate about making impactful change at scale and who embrace a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

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