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Meteorologist on July weather: “There is no day without rain”

Eastern and northern Finland are hotter than usual, while temperatures in the rest of the country were normal for July.

It was very cold in Salla, where the thermometer showed only 2.2 degrees at the beginning of the month. July has not been this cold since 1959, the Met Office said.

– The number of days with high summer heat was generally observed per month, he says Ilka AlankoMeteorologist on duty at Weather Service Forga.

In total, July saw 16 hot summer days exceeding 25.1 degrees.

So far this year, 25 days of summer heat have been recorded. That’s still well ahead of last year’s record of 55 hot summer days.

On the first of July, the month’s highest temperature of 32.3 degrees was recorded in Oulu, and four days in July were hotter than 30 degrees.

Occasional unusually heavy rains

– July usually offers varied summer weather. We never saw a single day without rain. Somewhere in the country it rains every day.

Many places in Lapland and eastern Finland experienced unusually high rainfall in July. The highest monthly rainfall was 213.4 mm in Enar, which received the heaviest rainfall 46 years ago. Lumberland in Ă…land received the least amount of rain, with only 14.2 millimeters of rainfall.

During the month of July, several powerful water currents or ocean cyclones were also observed offshore.

Heat from the Mediterranean does not reach Finland

In many European countries, July goes down in history as the hottest month ever. Exceptionally high temperatures of more than 40 degrees have caused drought and devastating forest fires in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Great Britain and Romania.

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– A very warm air mass did not reach Finland, Alanko says, for example, temperatures of around 35 degrees were measured in Sweden.

The same type of heat wave that regularly hits countries in the Mediterranean region is not predicted in Finland.

– But on Thursday and Friday, warm air currents move into the southern and central parts of the country, bringing with them more summer heat, Alango says.

At the same time, rain and cloud cover are still promised, which will bring the temperature down a bit.